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Interview: Jopwell Feature

Jopwell Feature Coffee With: Airbnb Project Manager Lexi Butler January 2017 Jopwell’s A Coffee With Series features minority professionals and inerviews them about their professional journey. Read the full interview: https://www.jopwell.com/thewell/posts/coffee-with-airbnb-project-manager-lexi-butler

Speaking: Women in Tech Social Impact Panel

Women in Tech Social Impact Panel, Stanford University January 2017 Lexi B was invited to participate on a panel with two fellow women in tech at the Stanford University Women’s Center. During the panel, Lexi B spoke about the importance of having a career mission and life goals that extend greater to just finances or […]

Speaking: Building Safe Spaces in Tech

OutCo – Building Safe Spaces in Tech February 2017 Joining a panel of 5 other Black professionls in tech, Lexi B discussed the lonliness in the tech industry and gave tips and tricks on how to find community within your company and the Silicon Valley.

Speaking: Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment – Sponsored By The United Nations May 2017 This specific event was sponsored by the United Nations. Lexi B led discussions on the importance of supporting women in the workplace and the importance of building wealth in marginalized communities.